Rotunda Theatre Tunbridge Wells: Bubble
Langton Green
The Rotunda Theatre Launching at Tunbridge Wells Fringe 2024! We are a pop-up theatre with two performance spaces - Bubble and Squeak. Bubble is a 14m geodesic dome that seats 120 and Squeak is a 9.5m one that seats 50. Both are fully fitted out 'black box' performance spaces, with excellent sound, lighting and projection facilities. We work by renting out performance slots. Each slot is an hour, but if you have a show that is longer we can often accommodate your needs, depending on timing and cost, so do get in touch. We will provide you with a two hour get-in, with full technical support, usually on morning of your first performance day, where we can programme your lights, set up your sound and you can get used to the space. You then have fifteen minutes before your performance start time to get set up and fifteen minutes afterwards to clear the stage. This may sound intimidating but most companies find 15 minutes is plenty of time. There are no hard and fast rules on how many performances you should do or at what time, but we have discovered that the best way to have a Fringe is to have a run of shows over 2-4 days. These days can be consecutive or spread out over the Fringe. If you can it is worth splitting your run and doing some shows at the beginning of the Fringe and some later on. That way, if you can get reviewers into your first shows, it gives time for the reviews to get out and for word of mouth to get around. When booking a slot we work on a first come first served basis, so don't hesitate because we fill up quickly. All you have to do is pick the dates and times you are interested in and, if they are available, we will pencil you in and send you a contract and invoice for a deposit and Fringe registration fee. We work on 35/65 split in the visiting companies favour with a guarantee to us.
Note: We pop-up in Holland's Farm in Langton Green for TWfringe - right opposite from the All Saints Church and The Hare Pub, you can't miss us.
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Langton Green Hub, Holland's Farm



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