Tunbridge Wells Fringe Festival

Our Sustainability Pledge


Our Events

We are committed to making our events as environmentally friendly as possible. As such we have banned the use of single-use plastics at our events. We have also asked vendors to consider plant-based food offerings and green energy solutions where possible. All events will have recycling facilities on hand so that waste can be disposed of appropriately.

We have also moved our opening ceremony to The Manor House this year, as this will negate the need for an additional generator and disposable food packaging. By moving our event into an exciting venue we will be able to significantly reduce our environmental impact, and support one of our amazing independent hospitality venues.


Our Marketing

This year, we are making a conscious effort to reduce the amount of print marketing that we produce. As such, we will not be printing a programme again this year, but instead will provide a pfd copy on our website. There will be a limited number of leaflets and posters printed on recyclable paper, and the rest of the marketing budget will be focused on paid ads on social media and in local publications.


Our Website

Our website is green hosted by Google Inc. and certified by the Green Web Foundation. We are making steps to ensure that our website is as environmentally friendly as possible by reducing file sizes, removing unnecessary web pages and avoiding the use of videos.


The Tunbridge Wells Fringe Festival Team


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