The TW Fringe
Treasure Hunt


Use our map of Camden Road to help you solve our treasure hunt!

You will find all the clues you need below, but you will need to visit each location in turn before you can solve the clues…

1. Start your journey at the green eatery where vegetation takes root.
2. Search through the foliage until you find your next clue. Use the A1Z26 cipher to crack your next location!
3. Here you’ll find a map. X marks the spot!
4. At your next location, you’ll find an image under a X. Solve this clue to find your next location.
5. In the window of this location, you’ll find an anagram to solve. You may also find an extra little prize draw to enter!
6. Match the pairs on the window of your next stop. There will be two words which cannot be naturally paired. These can be combined to find your final destination!
7. You’ve made it! This is your last stop. At this location you’ll find a hashtag. To enter our prize draw worth over £250, either TEXT this hashtag to the number 07863 429475 or TAG us on an Instagram post (@TWFringe) and use the hashtag in your comments (do both to increase your chances of winning)!

The winner of our treasure hunt prize draw will be announced on the 19th July, have fun everyone!



A bundle of Goupie chocolates

Gift Voucher

A gift voucher for a two-person tasting menu at The Square Peg


Goodies from Bird & Blend


Wine donated by the wonderful Carafe Wine


Charrington’s cider


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