Higgs and the Bosons

Beau Nash

What do you do when you emerge as the battle-scarred survivors of processed food, black & white
TV, corporal punishment, leaded petrol fumes, cycling without helmets, driving without seatbelts,
socially obligatory smoking and imminent cold war annihilation? You count your blessings because
you are clearly very lucky individuals. Then you form a band and share that experience.
Higgs and the Bosons are the sound of an angry generation, tinged with relief that they
made it this far.
Shamelessly drawing their influences from 1970's punk and any other genre of angry music,
"Thou shalt not ignore us", reads the first commandment of Higgs and the Bosons. "The
band are not here to provide atmosphere. It is not muzak to be prattled over as you whine
about the inadequacies of your dull life."
Higgs and the Bosons are an unsigned, independent 5 piece band from West Kent who play
a post-punk style of music - atom-punk. Originally formed in 2012, they have released two
EP's of original material, the first eponymous EP in 2017 and the second - "What Do I
Know?" - in spring 2021. Both are available on the usual download/streaming platforms.
They have featured on many radio shows without getting rich and famous - including a live
session on BBC Radio Kent. They have played innumerable local venues, events &
festivals, etc., including Local and Live, UnFest, Moondance, Red Roar, Spa Valley Railway
Beer Fest, Angel Fest, not to mention the odd private party. Actually, it's probably best not to
mention those odd private parties.
None of this has generated the income or lifestyle to which the band would like to become


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Beau Nash


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