The Spa Hotel

A kaleidoscopic one-creature show merging the circus with storytelling.

Poetry, storytelling and circus combine to tell a tale of searching for lightness and depth, amongst creativity and cat-calling.

A spoken word show involving circus skills, explodes amidst one person's story of rage and becoming.

"Visually the show is quite something, mixing from on stage performance with great presence, to reciting poetic storytelling whilst performing smooth aerial dance with the aid of a suspended hoop...a captivating show.
It moves with just enough pace, the poetry and storytelling is beautiful but has plenty of bite, it's funny, it's uplifting when it needs to be, it makes you think, and the aerial performance compliments and equally contrasts everything really well.
A superb and unique show which comes highly recommended!" - Brighton Rock Photography

16yrs +

60 mins


The Spa Hotel


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