Boudica: Warrior Queen

Rotunda Theatre Tunbridge Wells: Squeak

DoDo DRAMATICS, winners of the New Writing Brighton Fringe Award, and the UK's only zero-waste theatre company making original puppetry musicals, present their newest Iron Age Adventure - a family-friendly tale of bravery, community, and legacy.

Iron Age Britannia is in crisis, the Roman Empire has invaded, and our only hope is the formidable, fearsome Warrior Queen. Boudica sets out on a quest to unite the tribes of Britannia, rally up an army and defend the freedom of her kingdom. Perhaps her songs will convince you to join the revolution and be part of the story that changed history!

“Captivating, there’s never a dull moment... wacky, witty, entertaining encounter... not to be missed!” - LB.Reviews2023 (Queen of the East)

“The knowledge and humour of Horrible Histories and the grit and confidence of Six the Musical... catchy musical numbers, there’s something for everyone” - WandsworthFringe2023 (Queen of the East)


60 mins


Rotunda Theatre Tunbridge Wells: Squeak


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