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How Can You Participate

The objective of the Fringe Festival is to get the whole community involved: local artists, acts and groups from a range of styles including music, opera, cabaret, comedy, dance, theatre, film and visual art.  It will involve both up and coming and established performers of all ages and give all the opportunity to perform again to live audiences.  They will be performing at a whole hosts of venues from established theatres through to pubs, restaurants, halls and outdoor spaces.  There will also be a whole series of workshops on a variety of topics.


The idea is for everyone to benefit and for audiences to once again get to enjoy a complete range of performances under a festival vibe and rediscover local venues and performers.

Get Involved!

For two weeks in July, a range of exciting hospitality Venues – from Pubs, Restaurants, Halls, Music venues, theatres and Public Spaces across Tunbridge Wells will host performances of all kinds from across the arts, all under the banner and promotion of Tunbridge Wells Fringe Festival.


We will help match-make talented performers with interested Venues. Each Venue will work directly with the Artist(s) to organise and run their special events.


All events will benefit from the overall promotion under the TW Fringe and ticket sales will run centrally from the TW Fringe Website.

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If you have a venue...

If you have a venue and would like to be involved and host a performance or a series of performances for the TW Fringe;

If you are an artist...

If you are an artist who would like be involved and host a performance or a series of performances for the TW Fringe;

If you have a workshop

If you have a workshop that you would like to run for the TW Fringe;

If you would like to volunteer

If you would like to volunteer for time leading up to or during the TW Fringe;

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If you are a Company

If you are a Company and would like to help by sponsoring this amazing community project and receive media and other coverage;

Get Involved... Don't get left out...

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