Red, Green and Blue

Red, Green and Blue are a Kent-based songwriting partnership who bring their wonderful songs to life with a timeless arrangement of male and female vocal harmonies.

“Hearing their voices together is magical.”

With the classical background and multi-instrumental talents of Megan Ramsay and the indie, folk and Celtic roots of guitarist Brian McDonald, Red, Green and Blue bring skill and eclectic influences to their music and lyrics. The result is a style with wide appeal, and live performances that are a treat to behold.

“Ear-gasmic... beautiful songs and phenomenal harmonies.”
Event Details
Genre: Music
Duration: 45 mins
Price: FREE

10 July 4.00pm

the buzz @ the hive

Full: FREE

Conc: FREE

12 July 5.45pm

the buzz @ the hive

Full: FREE


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