Luke Rollason: Bowerbird

BOWERBIRD is an absurd ode to the great indoors and the relationships we form with what we fill it with – the armchair singing the lost loves that left behind their bum imprints, abandoned utensils with uncertain parenthood, and the sordid spooning going on in your cutlery drawer.

Like visiting IKEA on acid, this is a psychedelic domestic breakdown that will make you totally rethink your mundane little life.

"Amazingly entertaining" ★★★★★ - EdFestMag
"Pure, unbridled, laugh-out-loud silliness" ★★★★ - Chortle
"Gut-bustingly funny" ★★★★ - The List
" Resistance is futile" ★★★★ The Wee Review
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Genre: Comedy


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