Physical comedian David Hoskin ("Phenomenal" ★★★★★ Broadway World) presents 'Hølìdåÿ' - a beautiful, hysterical and surrealist tale of one man's attempt to travel around the world... told in mime.

Performing as over twenty characters and collected from a wealth of stories obtained from Hoskin's global travels - this is a show for those who have tried to fit in abroad. It's like Marcel Marceau ended up in the League of Gentlemen, or if Jacques Tati had his own Cartoon Network Mr Hulot. 'Hølìdåÿ' merges mime, sound design and slapstick comedy to dazzling effect. It's a journey you won't forget!
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Genre: Theatre
Duration: 60 mins
Price: £5

Full: £5

Conc: £4


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