George Egg: Set Menu

George Egg is the comedian who cooks. This award-winning, multi-sell-out, international-touring performer presents a delightful evening of cooking-with-laughs.

Over the past half-decade George has cooked over 1,000 dishes, all of them in front of a live audience and none of them with a kitchen. Revisiting those unlikely environments armed with the chef’s skills he’s honed, you will learn how to make food on a train with a laptop, in a shed with power tools and in a hotel room with the appliances they unwittingly provide you with. It’s time for the funniest recipes and the most delicious jokes!
Event Details
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 80 mins
Price: £10

July 5, 2024 8.00pm

Southborough Civic Centre

Full: £10

Conc: £10


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