Chris Young: Cereal For Dinner
"What’s for Dinner mum?” “Cereal son.”

Chris Young recalls life of a young boy desperately trying to escape clutches of a 90s council estate, fast forward 20 years he's now morally guided by the lost property box of flashbacks.

Takes his everyday experiences and observations turning them into huge laughs with his high energy and clever delivery "-Hull Comedy Festival

Wildly energetic and engaging. Delivers a barrage of brilliantly funny, relatable gags -Comedy Mash

Excellent story teller -Objectively Funny

"NOT TO BE MISSED" unlike the entry to father on his birth certificate
Event Details
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 60 mins
Price: £7

Full: £7

Conc: £5

July 11, 2024 10.00pm

The Green Duck Events Space & Bar

Full: £7

Conc: £5


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