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Andy Storey

Are you socially awkward? Do you worry about your reaction face when someone else is talking? Do you use your partner as a human shield at a social gathering? Fellow Awkwardian (Andy Storey – BBC Comedy Awards Finalist, Nationwide ‘Yoga’ Advert, BGT – London Palladium) shares vivid snapshots from his anxious existence. Journeying into a misanthropic and awkward past, Andy’s delicious slant on social encounters is a wicked quagmire of self-mortification. My show is for the outsiders, the anxious, the socially awkward. Expect stand-up comedy with an inclusive and relaxed vibe.

‘Better than a bottle of pinot.’ Sue Pollard

8 July 7.00pm (55 mins)

Vittle And Swig

Price: £5

Conc: £5


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