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Tunbridge Wells Fringe Festival is a series of events featuring local artists and groups offering a host of performances of all kinds across the arts performing in a whole range of venues in Tunbridge Wells for two weeks in July.


TW Fringe Festival events will feature local artists, acts and groups from a range of styles including music, opera, cabaret, comedy, dance, theatre, film and visual art. It will involve both up and coming and established performers of all ages and give all the opportunity to perform again to live audiences.


A whole range of venues from traditional theatres, pubs, hotels, restaurants and bars to more quirky settings plus outdoor areas will take part and will all organise their events themselves with performers but all take part under the banner of Tunbridge Wells Fringe Festival.


The organisers will promote the full programme through a multi media marketing campaign giving visitors the opportunity to view the whole programme and easily find details on the acts, venues, dates, times and how to book. The organisers will also ensure that the festival offers a full balanced programme, embracing every art form and offers opportunities for a whole range of venues and performers.


The idea is for everyone to benefit – local businesses will gain from increased business, visibility, and generating good will in the community and artists will enjoy performing again to live audiences and may also make some welcome income, alleviating some of the financial hardship that has accompanied freelance life over the past year. Finally audiences will once again get to enjoy a complete range of performances under a festival vibe and rediscover local venues and performers. The interest so far across the community has been unbelievable and under the TW Fringe banner will generate maximum publicity bringing together the community to create a real arts celebration.


This is the launch of what can become a wonderful tradition in Tunbridge Wells, following the example of other Fringe festivals such as the Brighton Fringe, Camden Fringe, and of course the Edinburgh Fringe, which sold over 3 million tickets in 2019.


TW Fringe Festival has received the support and a grant from BID – Royal Tunbridge Wells Together, which is being used to help in the marketing to spread the word on the festival to the local community.


TW Fringe is a not for profit project with any profits put back into the event. It will also raise money for local charities – Taylor Made Dreams and Fegans.


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