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About The Tunbridge Wells Fringe Festival

Tunbridge Wells Fringe Festival is a series of events featuring local artists and groups offering a host of performances of all kinds across the arts performing in a whole range of venues in Tunbridge Wells for two weeks in July.


TW Fringe Festival events will feature local artists, acts and groups from a range of styles including music, opera, cabaret, comedy, dance, theatre, film and visual art. It will involve both up and coming, and established, performers of all ages and give all the opportunity to perform to live audiences across a variety of venues in Tunbridge Wells.


A whole range of venues from traditional theatres, pubs, hotels, restaurants and bars to more quirky settings, plus outdoor areas, can take part. They are able to coordinate directly with our huge range of performers and workshops, to create a unique schedule within each venue.


As organisers, we will promote the full programme through a multi-media marketing campaign giving visitors the opportunity to view the whole programme and easily find details on the acts, venues, dates, times and how to book. The organisers will also ensure that the festival offers a full balanced programme, embracing every art form and offers opportunities for a whole range of venues and performers. We will provide a number of street stages for artists to showcase a preview of their acts and generate interest, as well as an opening parade to highlight the variety of acts and businesses we have involved.


The idea is for everyone to benefit – local businesses will gain from increased business, visibility, and generating good will in the community and artists will enjoy performing again to live audiences and may also make some welcome income, alleviating some of the financial hardship that has accompanied freelance life over the past few years. Audiences will once again get to enjoy a complete range of performances under a festival vibe and rediscover local venues and performers. Last year’s response to the festival from the community was incredible, and we’re so excited to be able to put on an even bigger event this year.


TW Fringe Festival has received sponsorship from a variety of local businesses, which has enabled us to keep the event going. To find out more about our sponsors, click here. We also have two amazing charity partners: Taylor Made Dreams and Fegans who we will be fundraising for throughout the event. To find out more about our charities, click here.


TW Fringe is a not-for-profit project. All profits are reinvested into the event itself or donated to our charity partners. All of our organisers are volunteering their time, and the festival relies on as many volunteers as possible to run smoothly. To find out how to get involved, click here.


Frequently Asked Questions:



What is a ‘Fringe’ festival?

A Fringe festival is an event which showcases a range of creative arts performances, of all sizes, in an eclectic collection of venues throughout the chosen location.


How can I buy tickets?

Tickets will go on sale on the 30th April from this website!


Are there family-friendly shows?

Last year, we had a whole host of children’s workshops and events. This year, we’re hoping to have even more!


I have concerns regarding the TW Fringe, who can I contact?

If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at team@twfringe.com. We want this to be a community event to benefit everyone, and so we’ll do whatever we can to address your concerns!


 To find out how to get involved, click here.


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