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Tunbridge Wells Fringe Festival

Tunbridge Wells Fringe Festival is a series of events featuring local artists, performers and groups, offering a host of events of all kinds across the arts, performing in a whole range of venues across Tunbridge Wells.

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Some of the highlights from
The Tunbridge Wells Fringe Festival 2021...

What's the TW Fringe all about?

Debbie King, founder of the TW Fringe,
tells all…

Tunbridge Wells Fringe Festival 2021

Covid has been exceptionally hard on both local businesses and the arts, and the idea of a local fringe festival is a fantastic way to help both parties by reinvigorating the community. TW Fringe Festival events will feature local artists, acts and groups from a range of styles including music, opera, cabaret, comedy, dance, theatre, film and visual art. It will involve both up and coming and established performers of all ages and give all the opportunity to perform again to live audiences.


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